With expertise in the areas of education, business, child development, and public relations, our team is committed to building mentoring through recruiting training, and placing mentors as well as innovating new programs to serve the youth of our community.

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Aaron Hayes spent the last 18 years working with students as a coach, mentor, teacher, and pastor. He has a passion to see kids discover their dreams and passions through life-on-life mentoring relationships. Aaron and his wife, Sarah, have five rambunctious children from the ages of 7 to 25 and haven’t slept in ten years, but are still very happy. Currently, Aaron and his team are building Catalyst Mentoring, a city-wide mentoring movement to recruit, train, and place as many mentors as possible into Shasta County.

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After connecting to her gifts, Melanie stepped into the nonprofit world by assisting CEO’s and Directors. At Catalyst Mentoring, Melanie contributes to the vision and mission through her administrative and strategic strengths. Her love for supporting up-and-coming nonprofits in their business and personal growth has led her to starting Melanie Huggard Consulting. One of her favorite things she does is life coaching. Currently she serves on the board of Stand for Justice, a nonprofit serving victims of human trafficking.  In her free time, you will find her writing and collaborating on projects, volunteering in her city and spending time with friends and family.

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Ali Michelle is a 21 yr. old with a passion to see the youth of her city and nation know that they are loved, valued, and important to this world. She has worked side-by-side with Aaron for the past 7 years, building a platform and voice on social media. Ali runs Catalyst Mentoring’s social media, marketing campaigns, graphic design, and more.  She owns a videography company, called Value Productions, with the heart to put people’s unique stories on display.

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Gil Moegerle has worked 40 years in various aspects of the communications field, including radio/TV production, advertising agency services, marketing communications and corporate public relations. As a retiree he now devotes part of his time to teaching and consulting while reserving most of his time for shameless doting on his five grandchildren.

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Monica has been working with youth over the course of the last 16 years in various capacities as a school counselor, youth therapist, mentor, and youth non-profit board secretary. Her heart is to see youth transformed through powerful relationships and helping them to discover their identity. In addition, Monica’s passion is to introduce youth to outdoor adventure activities and get them connected to experiencing personal growth through those opportunities. When she’s not volunteering her time as a youth advocate and mentor, she spends her time pursuing her passion for photography, keeping up with her three young-adult children; hanging with her hubby and labradoodle; and exploring the great outdoors.

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With experience at the Kindergarten – Junior College level, Els feels privileged to serve students for nearly 30 years. Recently named the Californi­a State Administrator of the Year in Educational Options, she currently serves as the principal for alternative education in the Shasta Union High School District. Els explains her reason for entering education was for one reason: to help students succeed. She is a member of Leadership Redding Class of 2012, a current United Way of Northern California Board member and a state board member of ACSA (Association of California School Administrators). Els says the most rewarding job in the universe is mom to three kids.

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Greg is a single father of 2 and a dedicated grandfather of many. He has spent 30 yrs in sales, marketing and customer service, as well as owned/operated a local construction and technology company for 25+ years. He loves boating, hiking, biking and camping. Greg is inspired to aid in the rehabilitation and revitalization of our city’s youth through love and mentoring.

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Tricia is a wonderful wife and mom of three boys. Her and her family have enjoyed living in the Redding area the past 10 years. She has BA in Child Development and a Masters in Social Work, working as a mental health clinician in schools and other nonprofit organizations that serve at-risk youth. Tricia is passionate about the youth of our city and is making an impact through mentoring. She serves on our team as a school liaison with Monica, bridging the gap between potential mentors and schools.

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Leah is a wonderfully busy wife and a mother to five amazing kids ranging from 21 to 10 years old. She has a ridiculously awesome pack of friends that she “does life” with, and can often be found hiking, running, camping and just living life to the fullest here in the beautiful Northstate. Leah works for a local mortgage lending company, and has worked for several other local business. Over her almost 19 years here in Redding she has seen the changes and problems that our county is facing. She is convinced that the greatest way to create an impact on our county is through building healthy relationships with the youth of our city.

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Kerrie believes that the foundation of a strong community is strong children. Along with volunteering for various Catalyst events, Kerrie is helping the Catalyst team plan a new mobile app that will track the progress of the kiddos throughout their mentoring journey that will provide supporting to-be-analyzed data to reflect progress. Kerrie is a Realtor at Windermere NorCal Properties, she considers it an honor to guide her clients through the process of buying or selling a home.