Our Vision and mission

Mentors Change Futures.


Catalyst Mentoring is a vision to invest in our city’s youth to invest in our city’s future through the power of mentoring. No one gets to the finish line of life having done something great without the support and guidance of great mentors along the way. Luke Skywalker needed Obi Wan Kenobi, and Obi Wan needed Yoda. The thing is that you never get to Luke Skywalker who will save us from the Death Star without the influence of Obi Wan, and you don’t get to Obi Wan without the influence of Yoda. Unfortunately, for many kids in our community there is no Obi Wan showing up in their story and left to their own problem solving abilities our youth are repeating the stories that they are seeing with their lives.

Our community is facing challenges that are shocking when you look at the statistics. We have double the state average in ACE’S scores (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and double the national average. This means the youth of our community are facing tremendous hurdles, alone. These hurdles leave our youth more likely to use drugs, solve their problems with physical violence, and drop out of school.

We envision a brighter future for our community than these statistics report because we KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that there is something we can do to change the trajectory of a young persons life, and that is for them to have a mentor.

Youth with mentors are more likely to:

  • Do well in school

  • Be civically engaged

  • Have better health outcomes

And less likely to:

  • Solve their problems with violence

  • drop out of school

  • try drugs

We envision a future in our community where every young person has a caring adult in their life to help them navigate their path towards a bright future.


Catalyst Mentoring has made it our mission to recruit, train, and place 1,000 mentors into Shasta County in the next three years. We plan to accomplish this mission though our recruitment of mentors which we send into our over 20 partner mentoring organizations in Shasta County including:

The Youth Violence Prevention Council, Youth Options Shasta, YMCA, Forward Leap, Redding Youth Athletic Club, Exodus Farms, ESYAC, Girls Inc., Hope City, CASA, CHYBA, Trailhead Youth Ranch, Anderson Teen Center, Shasta Thrive, Good News Rescue Mission, MLK Center, Elevate Camps, NorCal Outreach Project, Friday Night Live, Providence International, Pennies on Purpose, and the Enterprise Elementary School District.

Once we have recruited the mentors we invite them to attend one of our Mentor Bootcamp events where they get world class training from our team and available community educators and non-profit leaders.

We encourage you to continue check out our website and learn more about how you can be


part of the movement to change the future of our community through the power of mentoring. We invite you to attend a Mentor Bootcamp or to invite our team to come and share at your business event how you and your friends could help change the life of a young person.

We cannot hope that our future will just magically be bright. We must put in the time and effort to grow the greatness in our youth if we want to see greatness in our community. Around here we say,

“Mentors change futures”

and it is more than a slogan to us, it is a way of life that we invite you to join in with us.

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Aaron Hayes
Executive Director,

Catalyst Mentoring