Catalyst Jacket Jog

Helping kids get the warmth of a jacket and the power of a mentor.


2017 Jacket Jog
We helped hundreds of kids get a warm jacket because of this event and we raised some money to continue to recruit, train, and place mentors in our community!



Sometimes the easiest things to take for granted are the smallest ones like the warmth of a jacket on a cold day, or power of having someone who truly cares about you when you need it most. In Shasta County, neither one of these seemingly small things are things that are not taken for granted by many of our kids. The statistics for Shasta County state that our kids are facing DOUBLE the state average and national average in our ACE’S scores. If you have never heard of ACE’S it stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. This means that our community is filled with young people who are facing challenges that make them more likely to use drugs, solve their problems with violence, drop out of school, and repeat cycles of poverty.

But there is something you can do about this that is both fun, and deeply impactful in our community. Ask any teacher or coach that works with our youth and they will tell you that meeting a basic need of a child is one of the easiest ways that you can show a hurting kid that they matter. And if you were to ask further how to make an impact they would tell you that the greatest thing you can do to change the trajectory of a young persons life is to give them the gift of a mentor.

So, with this in mind Catalyst Mentoring created the Jacket Jog event to merge two powerful vehicles for change for our youth by providing them with a jacket and by empowering the movement committed to recruiting, training, and placing mentors across Shasta County.


The Jacket Jog Details:

When: December 8th at 10 a.m.

Location: TBD

Register for the Jacket Jog by clicking on the link at the left of the screen.

How to get involved as in individual:

We are seeking businesses who wants partner with us this fall to raise awareness for the need of mentors for our youth and who would be willing to collect NEW jackets to be distributed to the most hurting youth of our community. Businesses can help sponsors this 5k run and help change the future of a young person at the same time.