Catalyst Mentoring app

Capturing powerful data to empower a movement.


Data is powerful. We are in the process of creating an app that tracks the impact that mentors have on our youth. It will be a one-stop-shop for every mentoring project to record how their mentor relationships are going. The app will give us a greater picture of what it takes for a mentor to change a future- tracking everything from the sometimes awkward first meeting to the big victories such as a mentees improved grades or graduation. The App will also strengthen our collaboration with our over 20 mentoring organization partners helping us to add much needed accountability and clarity.

Catalyst App Overview:

The App will…

  • Streghthen our mentoring collaboration by increasing accountability.

  • Allow us to give a county wide snapshot on mentoring in Shasta County with data including:

    • Amount of time Mentors spend with Mentee’s

    • Mentee academic achievement.

    • Impact of Mentor on Mentee’s behavior at school.

    • Hope quotient for Mentee’s