Sponsor a Campaign

Catalyst is committed to seeing our community flooded with mentors for our youth who need it the most. Sponsoring one of our campaigns helps us to financially fuel our movement, inspire our community to mentor, and actualize our vision through out important times in the year for kids. Check out our campaigns and sponsor one to help invest in our city’s youth to invest in our city’s future.


Mentor By Monthly Donation

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Mentoring by monthly donation is one of the best ways you can change the life of a young person. When you sponsor this campaign it empowers Catalyst Mentoring to Recruit, Train, and Place a mentor for a young person in Shasta County!

Jacket Jog


If your passionate about helping kids get the warmth of a jacket and the power of a mentor this Catalyst Event is for you. Taking place in December, Catalyst works with businesses, non-profits and schools in Shasta County to provide our most hurting youth with the warmth of jacket. This 5K run also functions as a fundraiser for Catalyst to help support our efforts to recruit more mentors for these very same youth who need the power of a caring adult in their life. Click here for more information.


Life Skills Academy


The Life Academy is a 40 hour innovative new mentoring program held at the newly opened Catalyst Center in Redding, California.  The goal of the Life Academy is to engage 16 to 18 year old students in Shasta County who are most at-risk of not graduating on time, or have been identified as needing additional mentor support from local high school counselors.  

What we hope to accomplish

With the help and engagement of business, counseling, health, and banking professionals we seek to create an engaging 40 hour mentoring event to inspire and support the students in the areas of personal health and fitness, basics of personal finance, workforce readiness training, and healthy relationships.

Click here for more.

The Catalyst App


Data is powerful. We are in the process of creating an app that tracks the impact that mentors have on our youth. It will be a one-stop-shop for every mentoring project to record how their mentor relationships are going. The app will give us a greater picture of what it takes for a mentor to change a future- tracking everything from the sometimes awkward first meeting to the big victories such as a mentees improved grades or graduation. Click here for more information.